Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Picture Extravaganza

Updates on our boys and our little Surprise.

Adam is not walking, but running. He also walks backwards! He loves his cars, looking out the window (especially for Grandpa), playing the piano, giggling, belly buttons, socks and dancing. He's become a very picky eater (just like mommy). In fact he's so picky that when Grandma B. tries to hide food in his applesauce, he spits it out. He's not been much of a talker, but he's starting to communicate more. He says "quack" or "ack", "Dada", "yum" and "vroom" (when he's playing with his cars). It's so cute! He's such a cuddle bug. He's blows kisses, raises his arms (when we say "arms up"), claps, high fives, and shakes his head yes and no (more no than yes). Their train plays the alphabet song, so when we start singing the alphabet, he'll go right to that toy and push the button to play the song. What a smartie pants! He can be pretty stubborn, but he doesn't get in to much trouble. In fact, he usually listens to us when we say "no".

He loves to cuddle with his Dada.

Uh, oh...here comes trouble!
Playing Star Wars with Dada and Ben

YUMMY...birthday cake! Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

The alphabet train! I hear "A,B,C,D..." all day long.

Put a sock in it, Grandpa!
Looking at Grandpa. Silly Grandpa!

Ben is quite the chatterbox, and he knows exactly what he's saying. He always looks so serious, and he points at things that we're guessing he's talking about. It's the cutest thing ever! He's been climbing on the furniture, and he's very ornery. He can point to his head and nose. He will eat anything, and he's still my biggest eater. I don't know where he puts it...maybe a hollow leg? He really loves peek-a-boo, his Elmo plane, cuddling, pillows, belly buttons, changing the TV channel, making lots of noise, talking and story time. His favorite toy is this little popcorn truck that makes lots of noise. Thanks mom for that one! He's been more of a loner lately, but always runs up to mommy or daddy for a hug. He's blows kisses, raises his arms (when we say "arms up"), waives bye-bye, high fives and shakes his head no. He's also running, not walking. He's a snuggle bug! He says "quack", "no", "dog", "one, two, three", "yum" and "boo".

Wrestling with his brothers. He's one tough cookie!

Hmmm...where's that popcorn truck?

His first haircut courtesy of Grandma B. He fell asleep...so cute!

He was quite upset because he wanted to play Star Wars too.

Mmmm...birthday cake and ice cream! Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Jacob is our little follower. He follows Ben right up on the sofa. No injuries yet, but I think we need to take the cushions off for awhile until they get used to climbing up and down safely. He really tries to repeat what you're saying. He says "quack", "dog", "three", "yum" and "boo". He can also point to his nose, eyes, mouth and ears. He likes belly buttons too, especially mommy's! He also associates pictures with people. He loves his blankets, pillows, the big piano, belly buttons, giggling, playing tag with Adam, peek-a-boo and any toy his brothers are playing with. He also loves Mattie and Wyatt. He pants every time he seems them. He's a little snuggle bug too! I could just hug them all day! He waives bye-bye, raises his "arms up", blows kisses, high fives, and shakes his head yes and no. He's been throwing some fits lately, but not too bad. It happens more when we take something away. He loves playing "tag" and "hide-and-seek" with his brothers. He likes to tickle mommy's feet too!

Trouble, trouble, trouble!

Yummy cake! Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Silly Grandma!

My little giggle guts!

Wrestling with Adam!

Surprise is doing well so far. He is 19 weeks. He's getting bigger and his heart rate is still good. He's quite a little kicker, especially at night. So far, my biggest cravings are caesar salad chicken wraps (or pretty much anything with chicken) and Fruity Pebbles. I go back next week to check up on him.

Isn't he so cute!

I was planning on posting some videos, but I need to find the cord to the camera first. Plus, I'm not sure if I have the right program on the computer to upload videos (I'm not very computer literate these days). I promise, someday you will see videos. Well, I'm off to sleepytown. Take care!

ps...The boys are all up to 8 teeth! Daddy is so proud!

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