Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dada!

Today was Chris' 38th birthday, again (it's an inside joke...I just had to mention it). It was a pretty low-key day for us. Chris had BK croissanwiches for breakfast, then his favorite, BW3s chicken wings for dinner. I was going to make him birthday cupcakes, but realized this morning that I didn't have a cupcake pan. So Jacob & I went to Fresh Market and got cupcakes. Jacob picked them out all by himself! He was so cute about it...I asked him "should we get yellow or green frosting" and he pointed to the green.


Chris opened up his gifts, we clamped together the boys umbrella strollers, played then ate lunch. Ben & Jacob were pooped after that. Doesn't Adam look pretty tired? No way!

Then Grandma & Grandpa B. came over to play and celebrate.

Happy Birthday, Dada! We love you!!!