Saturday, September 27, 2008

More than 20 minutes?

This week the boys had a lot of firsts. Their first ice cream from Zestos, first piece of cake, first time Ben took off his diaper and strolled around the playroom naked, first Barn Fest in Ohio, first time at Chick-Fil-A. As you all know, I could go on and on (because it takes me like 20 minutes to tell a 5 minute story). So here's my 20 minute story: we went to Zestos this week with Grandma and Grandpa B. The boys ate vanilla icecream...yummy! They made "icky" faces at first, but then they LOVED it.

Adam had brain freeze...brrr!!! Grandpa B. was also making silly faces! Silly Grandpa!

We met our friends from the NICU reunion at Chick-Fil-A on Wednesday. I must say everyone was so nice. The manager came out and opened the door for us, he also got us refills and kept the boys entertained. The cashier took our food to our table, and they helped us pack up to leave, AND they were swamped too! We will make that our regular hangout. They also have a really cool play area. I don't have any pics from this visit, but we had fun.

Ben played a Matthew McConaughey minus the bongos. Friday, Chris took care of the boys while I was out. They took a nap in their diapers, and he put them in their playroom when they woke up. Everything was peachy keen until Daddy left for 2 seconds, came back, and Ben was stark naked. Thank goodness poop wasn't an issue, but this is how Daddy dressed them. He had such a hard time getting their shorts on that that's all he managed to get on them.

Today was a very busy day. First, we went to the Barn Fest with Grandma B. It's pretty cool. They have lots of neat crafts and their was a band. The boys liked the music. They were so good. They really like the new stroller. We made a new friend, Garrett. He was so cute; he was trying to figure out how I had 3 babies all the same age. He has a baby sister who is 11 months old, so the whole concept of triplets was mind-boggling. We also met some of Grandma B.'s friends. They were very nice, and they made the boys laugh and played peek-a-boo.

They didn't take much of a nap though, so by the time we got to Logan's party, they were a bit grouchy. But birthday cake made them feel all better.

Adam and Jacob helped Logan unwrap his gifts. Ben and Grandma P. cheered him on while he played with his new T-ball set.


I'm sure this took more than 20 minutes to read because it took me about 1/2 hour to write.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Escape Artists!

Ha Ha! The boys have learned a new trick. Maybe not a "trick", but they're pretty darn fast. How do we open this thing....hmm...?

Last week was a busy week. We went to our first MOPS meeting. The boys did okay. I was paged to the nursery twice, but you know how it goes, once one baby cries, it starts a chain reaction. The first time I was called back, almost all 11 babies were crying. I felt so bad for the sitters. They were so calm and patient. They really did a good job! And silly mommy left the boys snacks in the room, and needless to say Ben figured out how to open them. He spilled them all over the floor and was shoving handfuls in his mouth. That's all they needed was to pick up food on top of soothing screaming babies. Next time, though, I think we'll go to the 1 to 2 year old room. I did get to eat breakfast and have 2 cups of coffee. I also made a pretty flower pen and met some really nice ladies. I'm glad it's only twice a month, since we have to be there by 9am, and the boys get up around 7:30-8am. Not much time to eat and get ready. It usually takes me a couple hours to get them ready and fed. There's that Mattie again.

We also went to our first multiples group playdate. It was at the zoo. We met some nice mommies, and most of the kiddos there were about the boys age. We also used our new quad stroller. The boys really like it. I still need to get a pic of it. Ben likes to hang in the back. Adam and Jacob hang in the front. I wish it had a snack tray or cup holder. On another note, it did make me feel like a good mommy when the mommies told me that the boys were pretty happy and content. It's nice to hear positive feedback from other mommies.
We also went to JP Friday night to the concert. Very loud music, but the boys LOVED it when daddy pushed them up and down the ramp by the movie theater. He got quite a workout. We also went for a long walk in our neighborhood. Let me say this, good workout, but that stroller is heavy. I think in my last blog I mentioned NO MORE HILLS. I kind of forgot about that, but this may just get me in shape. Here are some new pics of the boys:
Silly Jacob. He cracks us up! He still closes his eyes everytime he hears the camera beep. I'll never get a pic of his gorgeous blue eyes.
Adam and his BIG grin. He's my little giggle guts! I can't get enough of his laugh.
My little squirmy worm. Ben just doesn't stop moving. Maybe he has ADD? I definately need to get in shape to keep up with him.
More cute pics coming next week. Or when I get a chance to post again.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Garbage Disposal?

We have a new garbage disposal...MATTIE! The MATTIE model is the newest, furriest in the garbage disposal line. She comes complete with legs, super sonic sent, an extra long tongue for reaching that hard to reach food, and a bottomless stomach (sorry tail not included). She also enjoys tickling feet!

It's been an interesting past few weeks. Chris and the boys ALL had colds. They've never been sick at the same time. Grandma B. came over to help a few nights. Godbless her, she stayed up the whole night with them and didn't sleep a wink. Then she took care of them the next morning so I could rest. They were so congested, and they kept waking up all night because they couldn't breathe. I felt so helpless! I can't really give them anything, except the saline drops. That helps a bit, but at 1am, they certainly don't like it. Lots of screaming, squirming and crying. Chris wasn't much better. He didn't sleep much either, and he sounded awful. Luckily things are back to normal now. Grandma P. came by today to hang out. We took our new stroller for a spin. I'll post some pics of it next time. We purchased a quad stroller from Foundations. It's 50+ pounds heavy. It took Grandma P. and I to push it up a hill on our walk. No more hills for me. I think we'll be sticking to even ground from now on. Atleast it's a good workout. It's about the only stroller that fits in our car, that was the main reason we chose it. I hope it fits through doors. Not much more has happened. I'm hoping to join a MOPS group, and we've been trying to get together with our new friends we met at the NICU reunion. They're triplet boys. They'll turn 2 in October, so that'll be good for the boys to have playmates around the same age. Here are some pics of the boys. Jacob, Ben and Adam. This is the first time I actually got them sitting next to eachother. They usually scatter when they see me with the camera.

Yummy oatmeal!
They're getting cuter everyday! Ben with his signature pose, silly Jacob and Adam racing through the tunnel.

It's off to bed now. Take care everyone!