Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Laundry, Laundy Go Away...

Laundry, laundry go away...come again another day. I've been "blessed" by the dirty laundry fairy this week. No sooner do I get it done, more magically appears. Where do these dirty clothes come from? I'm guessing from these guys...

We've had some exciting firsts this week. Ben is now walking. He just stood up, looked around and took about 4 steps. Totally different than Adam's first attempt at walking. Jacob took a step too, but he got so excited he fell down. You'll get there buddy. Gosh, we really haven't done much this month. We're mostly just hanging out at home (it's too cold to go out). The boys have been sleeping in too. Ben and Jacob slept until about 8-8:30am, and Adam slept until 9am. I'm not complaining!

My little super heros were feeling a little couped up in their playroom, so we played in the hallway. The laundry basket kept them pretty entertained. They also like banging their blocks on the wood floor. Anything to make noise!!!

I took these pics this evening. They look so different compared to pics from the previous post.

More pics from tonight...Aren't they cute?

We also have some cute bathtime pics. They LOVE to splishy splash! They're all over the tub. It makes it hard to get them clean (or to get a picture). They throw little fits when I take them out.

Well...I have to finish laundry. Happy Turkey Day! We have 3 family gatherings to go to this weekend. Yum Yum! Gobble Gobble!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alone At Last

Well, last weekend was mommy and daddy's first time away from the boys. We went to Indy with some friends and did some shopping at Keystone (love that mall) and eating at some awesome restaurants (go to St. Elmos if you're in steak ever). We also got some well deserved rest. We had a blast! Chris went to the new Colts stadium. He was psyched. It's a beautiful stadium (can you say that about a stadium...maybe I should use something more manly like striking or gorgeous). But we did miss our buddies. They grew in only a couple days! They really grew! I think Grandma B. fed them well. I heard they ate a lot of pancakes.

Daddy got the boys some Colts T's from his stadium trip. It was another Colts win!!! GO COLTS!

It was an exciting adventure at the JP play area. Actually two exciting adventures. Last week, we went with our friends Tobie, Sydney & Bella in the evening. This was the first time I let the boys out of their strollers because we were the only ones there. They LOVED it! I got a lot of exercise chasing them around. Well, we tried it again this week at lunch time. Not a good idea. It was really crowded, and Adam wasn't so sure about it. Ben kept trying to escape, but Jacob was making new friends. That's a pretty happening place at lunch time. I think we'll stick to the evenings for now. The boys really love to get Auntie Anne's pretzels when we're there. That's our treat when we go to JP. Unsalted of course!

Their first Krispy Kreme donuts. Yummy!

Big news...Jacob is standing up without holding on to anything. He's so proud of himself. It won't be long before he's walking. Adam is walking all over. He's learned to walk around things now. He even walks sideways! Ben's just chilling. He stands up all by himself, I think he really likes that, but he's not committed to walking yet. He'll get there. They all learned to clap their hands too. They're starting to mimic sounds and gestures. It's so much fun! But when we try to get video, they stop. I need to install a hidden camera! I also need to take more pics. I was such a slacker this week.

The Three Amigos!

Ben "My bros are up to no good!"

Adam and the Giant Peach...well, not giant anymore. He ate it!

Mommy and Jacob. What a ham!

Well, it's off to Sleepytown for mommy. Sweet dreams everyone!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

First off...Happy Halloween! But most importantly, Adam is walking across the room now. Jacob still likes to dance, and he's starting to stand up on his own. He gets so excited that he falls down. Ben is a dancing king...he even shakes his head. Adam sways side-to-side. If I ever figure out how to get a video on here, you have to see their dance moves. It's hilarious! Of course, The Beach Boys really get them moving. They also like James Brown's "I Feel Good". I had the radio on the other day, and that song came on. They got their little grove on. They're so funny! They like bedtime storytime as well. We're in to "The Going to Bed Book" now. Don't they look so cute in their jammies!

We had so much fun last week. I love Halloween. As most of you know, it's my favorite holiday. Candy, costumes, scary movies...what could be better? We went to JP for trick-or-treating. The boys were penguins. We drew a big crowd. I think we should start charging people.

My MOPS group had a Halloween party. The boys dressed in their alligator outfits. They were so cute. They played so much that they took a 3 hour nap. Plus it was nice to hang with other mommies.

Mattie went to The Pink Poodle to get groomed. Doesn't she look cute!

Our friends, Natalie, Perry and Blake, came to visit. Blake is only 1 month old. Can't wait 'til you get a little bigger buddy so all you boys can play together.
Uncle Grant got the boys awesome Colts jerseys. GO COLTS!!!

We got our games faces on for the big game.'s off to Sleepytown with Moose A. Moose. Sweet dreams!

ps...Mommy and Daddy actually watched a movie last weekend...the whole thing!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Surprise Was On Me!

Chris was being pretty sneaky last weekend. He organized a surprise 25th (okay...30th) birthday party for me. I really didn't see it coming, and quite honestly, I didn't think he'd be able to get the addresses of any of our friends (since he's not computer literate, he wouldn't know how to get addresses off excel). The surprise was on me!!! It was great to see friends and family. It's been awhile since I've seen some of you guys!!! Thank you for coming! The night ended pretty late, but we had a blast.
Ben had so much fun he lost his shirt.
Yummy Birthday Cake!!! Happy 25TH!!! I think I can get away with 25 for a few more years...HA HA! My birthday wish...can't tell or it won't come true!

We also went to Flanagans for my birthday dinner. Thank goodness that place is loud! We didn't eat until after 6:30pm, so the boys were a little cranky. But chicken strips and fries made everyone happy!

Jacob was showing everybody how to drink out of a straw. Way to go pun'kin!!!