Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alone At Last

Well, last weekend was mommy and daddy's first time away from the boys. We went to Indy with some friends and did some shopping at Keystone (love that mall) and eating at some awesome restaurants (go to St. Elmos if you're in Indy...best steak ever). We also got some well deserved rest. We had a blast! Chris went to the new Colts stadium. He was psyched. It's a beautiful stadium (can you say that about a stadium...maybe I should use something more manly like striking or gorgeous). But we did miss our buddies. They grew in only a couple days! They really grew! I think Grandma B. fed them well. I heard they ate a lot of pancakes.

Daddy got the boys some Colts T's from his stadium trip. It was another Colts win!!! GO COLTS!

It was an exciting adventure at the JP play area. Actually two exciting adventures. Last week, we went with our friends Tobie, Sydney & Bella in the evening. This was the first time I let the boys out of their strollers because we were the only ones there. They LOVED it! I got a lot of exercise chasing them around. Well, we tried it again this week at lunch time. Not a good idea. It was really crowded, and Adam wasn't so sure about it. Ben kept trying to escape, but Jacob was making new friends. That's a pretty happening place at lunch time. I think we'll stick to the evenings for now. The boys really love to get Auntie Anne's pretzels when we're there. That's our treat when we go to JP. Unsalted of course!

Their first Krispy Kreme donuts. Yummy!

Big news...Jacob is standing up without holding on to anything. He's so proud of himself. It won't be long before he's walking. Adam is walking all over. He's learned to walk around things now. He even walks sideways! Ben's just chilling. He stands up all by himself, I think he really likes that, but he's not committed to walking yet. He'll get there. They all learned to clap their hands too. They're starting to mimic sounds and gestures. It's so much fun! But when we try to get video, they stop. I need to install a hidden camera! I also need to take more pics. I was such a slacker this week.

The Three Amigos!

Ben "My bros are up to no good!"

Adam and the Giant Peach...well, not giant anymore. He ate it!

Mommy and Jacob. What a ham!

Well, it's off to Sleepytown for mommy. Sweet dreams everyone!