Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

First off...Happy Halloween! But most importantly, Adam is walking across the room now. Jacob still likes to dance, and he's starting to stand up on his own. He gets so excited that he falls down. Ben is a dancing king...he even shakes his head. Adam sways side-to-side. If I ever figure out how to get a video on here, you have to see their dance moves. It's hilarious! Of course, The Beach Boys really get them moving. They also like James Brown's "I Feel Good". I had the radio on the other day, and that song came on. They got their little grove on. They're so funny! They like bedtime storytime as well. We're in to "The Going to Bed Book" now. Don't they look so cute in their jammies!

We had so much fun last week. I love Halloween. As most of you know, it's my favorite holiday. Candy, costumes, scary movies...what could be better? We went to JP for trick-or-treating. The boys were penguins. We drew a big crowd. I think we should start charging people.

My MOPS group had a Halloween party. The boys dressed in their alligator outfits. They were so cute. They played so much that they took a 3 hour nap. Plus it was nice to hang with other mommies.

Mattie went to The Pink Poodle to get groomed. Doesn't she look cute!

Our friends, Natalie, Perry and Blake, came to visit. Blake is only 1 month old. Can't wait 'til you get a little bigger buddy so all you boys can play together.
Uncle Grant got the boys awesome Colts jerseys. GO COLTS!!!

We got our games faces on for the big game.'s off to Sleepytown with Moose A. Moose. Sweet dreams!

ps...Mommy and Daddy actually watched a movie last weekend...the whole thing!