Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Benjamin Richard...our little peanut. He has a lot of spunk for a little guy. His thing is to hang his foot out of his blanket when the nurses bundle him up.

Adam Christopher...what can I say. He's our first (okay, by 30 seconds), but he's going to be the boss.

Jacob Lee in the NICU. Their little personalities are starting to come out. He's our laid-back baby.

The Bible Triplets have arrived!

The Bible boys were born on 10/7/07.

Adam Christopher was born @ 3:48pm weighing 4lbs. 4oz. He was followed by Jacob Lee @ 3:49pm weighing 3lbs. 12oz., and Benjamin Richard @ 3:49pm weighing 3lbs. 9oz. Everyone is doing well. The boys are in the NICU, and they're just amazing. They were off their oxygen the same night they were born. As of today they're off their IVs, they've upped their feedings everyday, and they're trying to bottle feed them twice a day. The Dr's said they can come home once they maintain their own body heat, continuously gain weight, and eat from a bottle. We're hoping to bring them home soon. Take care!