Saturday, October 4, 2008


Okay, this is more of a mushy, sentimental post. No pics this time folks! I'll post some pics and a new video this weekend.

It's hard to imagine that this time last year, I was pregnant, in labor and in the hospital hoping to last one more week. Chris and I had this big discussion the other night. They're growing up so fast (okay, they're only 1 but they'll be 10 before we know it). It's been an amazing year, and we're just getting started on this thing called "parenthood". We have three little babies (excuse me...BIG BOYS...they prefer to be called BIG BOYS), and it's the coolest thing ever.

When we first began this journey, we definitely weren't expecting to have Baby A, Baby B and Baby C. First of all, we were surprised that I was even pregnant, but we weren't prepared for what we were going to find out at our first ultrasound appointment. I remember thinking, what does she (the ultrasound tech) mean by "there are 3". I was in complete shock. Chris recalled seeing her split the screen 1, 2, 4, then 8 times. He stopped looking after 8. And all the while we sat in silence until she uttered those words, "there are 3". We were ushered to the waiting room, staring at the 3 little blobs on the ultrasound photos. WOW! "How are we going to do this?" was the question we kept asking each other. Then we were called back to see Dr. Cooper. He proudly shook our hands. Mission accomplished. We wouldn't have these wonderful boys without him. Thank you Dr. Cooper!!!

Then it was off to Dr. Einhaus, who took EXCELLENT care of us. I miss going to her office. Everyone was so friendly and upbeat. They really kept me positive. We were there twice a month for a checkup and scans, and it was so neat to see the boys in action. I still remember those moments. It was amazing to see them grow week by week and to watch them move around and kick each other. I’m surprised they didn’t come out black-and-blue! At the delivery it was such a relief to hear them all crying. Before and after delivery, Dr. Einhaus came in everyday to check up on me (it really meant a lot to us). I tell ya, that woman’s “a million bucks”. Not only did she check up on me, but she looked in on the boys as well. There are not enough words to express the gratitude we have for her. Thank you so much Dr. Einhaus!!!

It was pretty scary to see our tiny babes in the NICU with IVs and tubes. The NICU nurses, Drs. and therapists really made us feel at ease. They were very supportive and had oodles of info for when we brought them home. The boys were so tiny and fragile, I was afraid to touch them. Chris was more hands on than I was at first. What a good daddy! He wasn't nervous about touching or holding them at all. It's so amazing that they were only in the NICU for 17 days, and they just needed to eat from a bottle, maintain their body temp and gain some weight (easier said than done, right). Thank you again to the Dupont NICU. You gals are awesome!

Even though we had them at 33 weeks, they're really doing well. They're not far behind on their development. They're small for their age, but we can't worry about that. I'll just keep sewing their pants in. Can't wait for adjustable waist pants! We are so proud of our boys. They have brought us so much joy, a little less sleep, a lot more giggles and lots of love. We wouldn’t trade it for the world.

ps…They'll still be my little babies.