Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Laundry, Laundy Go Away...

Laundry, laundry go away...come again another day. I've been "blessed" by the dirty laundry fairy this week. No sooner do I get it done, more magically appears. Where do these dirty clothes come from? I'm guessing from these guys...

We've had some exciting firsts this week. Ben is now walking. He just stood up, looked around and took about 4 steps. Totally different than Adam's first attempt at walking. Jacob took a step too, but he got so excited he fell down. You'll get there buddy. Gosh, we really haven't done much this month. We're mostly just hanging out at home (it's too cold to go out). The boys have been sleeping in too. Ben and Jacob slept until about 8-8:30am, and Adam slept until 9am. I'm not complaining!

My little super heros were feeling a little couped up in their playroom, so we played in the hallway. The laundry basket kept them pretty entertained. They also like banging their blocks on the wood floor. Anything to make noise!!!

I took these pics this evening. They look so different compared to pics from the previous post.

More pics from tonight...Aren't they cute?

We also have some cute bathtime pics. They LOVE to splishy splash! They're all over the tub. It makes it hard to get them clean (or to get a picture). They throw little fits when I take them out.

Well...I have to finish laundry. Happy Turkey Day! We have 3 family gatherings to go to this weekend. Yum Yum! Gobble Gobble!!!

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