Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Well...last week was fun and crazy. First, we went to JP with our twin friends, Rach and Gwen, and their little brother, James. It's a nice outdoor mall. They have awesome Friday night concerts in the summer. We pretty much just walked around, and the girls hung out at the playground while we ate lunch.

The boys also spent some time in their pool. Adam was in for 40 minutes! He's going to be our little swimmer. Ben didn't last very long. He preferred hanging with mommy on the side. And Jacob kept crawling all over his bros. When he wants something, he'll stop at nothing to get it.

They also played with Grandpa in their giant ball pit/pool.

"Put her there"...don't mess with this guy and his food.

Look at those teeth!

My little buddy likes to greet people at the door!

The crazy part of last week. Well, let me start with Jacob. Saturday, we were working outside while the boys took their nap. Chris came out and urged me to come in asap. I thought maybe Jacob had pulled himself up in his crib (he just did it that morning). No, no, no...he decided to pull off his diaper and there was poop everywhere. I would post some pics, but it's not pretty. And what was Daddy doing...he was so grossed out that he couldn't even be in the room. It was funny! And on another day while mommy was changing sheets, Adam decided to unscrew the bottom of the baby gate. Yes, I am freaking out!!! I have no idea how he figured that one out. Let's not forget mommy's blonde moment. Mommy switched detergent (well...I actually washed their clothes in fabric softener...the bottle looked the same), and poor Ben got a rash from it. I feel really, really bad, but the weird thing is that it doesn't seem to bother him. And that folks is going to be one of many crazy weeks at the Bible household.

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