Saturday, July 26, 2008

Garage Sale vs. Goodwill

This week has been sort of a blur. We've been prepping for our huge garage sale, and boy did we have tons of stuff, and we didn't even sell baby stuff. It all started out when Chris decided he wanted to have a garage sale. This shocked me right out of my pants. He never wants to get rid of anything, so I jumped at the chance to pitch some junk. Let's just say it's just too much work, and we practically gave stuff away, and wouldn't you know it, people still tried to bargain with us. EGADS!!! The Goodwill is 5 minutes away. What was I thinking! And if you notice, I didn't mention the boys much. Yeah, my poor neglected boys. I'll make it up to you guys! I did manage to get some pics though.

The boys still love their jumperoos and exersaucers. Thank goodness, those things kept them entertained this week.

Adam loves climbing in the exersaucer too. Who knew it could be so much fun!

He also likes climbing on Daddy too. And he's up to 4 teeth!

Jacob is really mastering sitting up and crawling. He gets around pretty good. We're so proud of you buddy.

And Ben still likes to fly. I tell ya, that guy never stops moving. He's our little squirmy worm!

And there's that darn moose again.

Okay...maybe now I should go to bed. Take care everyone! NO MORE GARAGE SALES!

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