Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well, after being couped up all winter, we're finally getting out. We've been going to the zoo about once a week. The boys love the aquarium. I tell ya, the zoo pass is the best deal in town. We've also been going to the parks and the mall (JP is a great place to walk around for an hour, if you don't get stopped about five hundred times to answer the obvious question: Are those triplets?). The boys are also crawling now...well, kind of crawling. They're so uncoordinated; it's pretty funny. Yesterday, I put Ben on the mat, left the room for 2 seconds, came back, and he was under his exersaucer. Jacob tends to fall asleep in his jumperoo, and he laughs at everything, like changing his diaper is funny to him. Oh, and I can't forget the biggest, most important news: Adam has his first tooth!!!! Daddy is so excited! Well, it's off to laundry land. Take care everyone! Have an awesome 4th of July!!!!!

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